meehan_photography_logo“Daniel is very easy to work with and the quality of his photos always come out 110 percent.”

-Sadie Sisk

 “Daniel Meehan is an amazing photographer and he always finds the right back drops for his                                                                                               photos!”

                                                                         -Kaya McCasland



Red on Green


Looking off in the distance


Red on Red













Daniel Meehan

Daniel Meehan is a lively person who loves to explore new places and capture their beauty. He has traveled around the world to places including, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, and is planning to travel to many more places in the future. Seeing all these places has really brought out the artistic side in Daniel and really helped him see the world around us. He also raises animals for 4-H in his spare time. Being a 4H member, he has worked with many people to better his skills as a showman and person. Daniel also likes to attend community events and help whenever he can. This adds to his outgoing and friendly personality. Using all of these traits Daniel will shoot your Senior portraits, family photos, and more with professionalism and skill.

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