Ever since Maddy Hanauer got her hands on a camera she has become obsessed with all the power the device gives her. She loves creating unique videos and photographs, mainly of outdoors and activities. She loves snowboarding and wakeboarding and using those natural “amusement parks” to her advantage. Everytime she goes she brings her two GoPro cameras and her Canon EOS t5i. She can’t go without them. She enjoys editing and putting her creativeness into a video or picture. She loves the fact that she can think of a video or photo in her mind and how she wants the end product to look and have the ability to create it. Ever since

Maddy Hanauer: Photo by Elliot Hochheiser

Maddy Hanauer joined the Intro to Multimedia Journalism class, she has realized that there is so much more to do and so much more to create, and that has influenced her everytime she goes out to shoot pictures or videos. She is quite the perfectionist and does not end a task until it is 100% done. If she is not satisfied with it, then it isn’t done. She will take all opinions into consideration and make sure a project is perfect for you. She is skilled in editing and shooting photographs, and also creating ideas for a shot. She has great communication skills and will always listen to input.  You know she will do an amazing job, because to her, it isn’t a job.



“Maddy is extremely creative, and you can see it in her work, she really takes the time to make a project perfect!” -Emily Rodden

“She is always willing to work hard and she stays on task the whole time” – Elliot Hochheiser


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