Mosaic Mementos


Ysabel Wulfing: Photograph by Emily Olsen

mosaic-momentosAt a young age, Ysabel Wulfing was fascinated with the mysteries of photography. She longed for the monthly trips to Photo Stop where she had the opportunity to obtain tangible copies of the photos that reflected her everyday life. She loved the magic of flipping through each memory and reminiscing the “Good O’l Days.” These days, photos have only become a figment of digital masterpieces found on phones and computers. Ysabel is determined to keep the magic of keeping memories alive with the art of tangible photography.

Ysabel is a young 15 year old student dwelling in the sweet, little town of Paso Robles, CA. She has an eye for detail and appreciates authenticity in the most genuine of forms. She wishes to one day travel the world as a professional food critic and guitarist. Her passions include soccer, – she’s been playing since she was 8 years old – food – she ABSOLUTELY loves sushi – adventures and music – she specializes in guitar.. Some people say that she has a wonderful British accent. She doesn’t think so. She prefers Moose Track Ice Cream over Vanilla because it lacks adventure and spontaneity. She is a person who says she likes the idea of mornings but never gets up on time to enjoy them. Ysabel strives to make each person she photographs a gem, standing out from the rest of the world.

“Ysabel makes everyone have a smile on their face. She knows how to make them laugh and keeps the mood positive.” – Cassidie Banish

“Hey, if she got me to take a photograph  – her sister – she can do anything.” – Rayvin Wulfing

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