Deadpool Shots

Hello, my name is Trevor Jaureguy. I am a 15-year-old at Paso Robles School and a great photographer. I have a dad, mom, and one sibling. I love taking photos and playing water polo or basketball.  I take a photographing and editing class at Paso Robles High School.  I will listen to what you want while can you listen to me too. I will give you the best photos for weddings, birthdays, anniversary, baby showers, family photos, and Christmas Cards. You tell where you want your picture like the beach, pasture, museum. I am going to give you the best photos you can ask for. I can also Photoshop it up for you to make it look great. I will never let you down just like Deadpool never lets his city down because he is a superhero. I have great places in mind for good photos. If you have any question email me at I check twice a day in the morning and at night. If you need me to go out of state email where. Don’t be afraid to email me I have taken photos of people before and here is what they said. Hope to see you having pictures taken with me.


Jacob McCracken:  Deadpool Shots was amazing they were very funny they never ran out of photo film. I know who I calling next time.


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