Students at Paso Robles High School have been waiting to get an off campus for many years,meanwhile student at Atascadero High School enjoy having an open campus at nutrition and lunch. A freshmen from Paso Robles High school says “ I feel like the school doesn’t trust us” this student, Cindy Jaimes doesn’t feel like the school gives everyone a chance,everyone is different and some people aren’t bad like others.She also wants to be able to have freedom and step out of campus to go get something good,cheap, and fast to eat. Now this is what Taylor Kirk, a sophomore from Atascadero High School says “ I love it, it gives me a lot of options and it’s really convenient because sometimes i don’t have to make a lunch”. This means that she won’t have to worry about eating a school lunch, waiting in line,and she won’t have to worry about waking up early and making a lunch.  This student,Cindy Jaimes has been waiting for an open campus ever since she stepped foot on this campus, meanwhile Taylor Kirk loves having an open campus and will forever love it. From the surveys i took , 25% of students at PRHS want an off campus, 15% don’t want an off campus, and 10% of PRHS just don’t care if they have or don’t have an off campus. Also from the interviews i had and the surveys i handed out lots of students from PRHS seem interested in having an off campus a reason is  they sometimes struggle not getting lunch because they have to wait in a very long line that moves really slow, and they get frustrated about not getting to eat lunch, in the other hand some students at AHS enjoy having an open campus and leaving during lunch to get a great meal.

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