The restriction law in schools was made because it is done in the name of safety, and because we get so used to the restrictions that they begin to seem like common sense and maybe not quite strict enough .The right of children to any kind of unsupervised, unstructured, independent life keeps washing away. Kids should be able to roam around the campus during breaks. I understand if they roam around they might have a tendency to ditch school or class.

If a student has ditched class because of this matter it will be a bigger consequence.For some, the question turns into the decision to skip a couple of days of school without their parent’s permission. In fact, unexcused absences and truancies are considered infractions in the eyes of the law; and if a student racks up enough, they as well as their parents could face prosecution and penalties.

I understand this but we should not have over 800 students confined to an area smaller than the parking lot at the school. If we are allowed to roam it would be a lot easier on the students and the teachers of having to push through crowds and being late to class is missing out on stuff in class but if we had a bigger campus students would not be late.

If we had open campus students could be able to get food from other places and work in some areas where people can not bother them.

If people were able to work in a secluded area with no one messing with them people can actually get some work done. I am not saying this is a proven fact but it could be but for now is my opinion. Students can be in a better environment when they have open campus and could learn a few things from open campus.

Open campus can also make rules be understood better. If Open campus was a thing we could have a pass system where students must have their pass on them at all times during school hours and are not allowed to leave campus for lunch without it.

Students without the passes are not permitted to go with them, and they’re not allowed to bring food back for them.I believe that students should be able to have the option to leave school and go home for lunch. Most of our parents were allowed to leave school for lunch so why can’t we?

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