In a constantly evolving world full of havoc and tribulation unity is vital for us to endure the trials of life. Unlocking the power of the community is the goal of Paso High’s Key Club. Every Friday in room 1023 bearcats collaborate to devise ways to unite and participate in the world around them. Here at Paso High and other schools around the globe they are the key. Largely student driven, the members of the Key Club at Paso High work together in formulated committees to carry out multiple activities and fundraisers, such as fashion shows,  school dances, and local volunteering over the span of 36 weeks.100% of profits from the club are handled by Kiwanis, an organization dedicated to aiding children across the globe, as they are partnered with the International Key Club. The club makes casual volunteering a goal at places such as the Boys and Girls Club and the Veterans Hall, setting no definitive number of required hours. According to the Key Club Supervisor Mr. LeClair, “Key Club is all about community service. It’s all about teaching, instilling the values in our students to care about their community and to find ways to try and make the community a better place”.

     Together, the Key Club is working towards creating a solid community, helping kids find a place of belonging. Diane Martinez, the executive assistant to the lieutenant and coordinator to the upcoming fashion show, feels the club provides students a chance to “… get out of their shell and take a leadership goal”. Many other executives feel the same. “Key Club helps students to be prepared for their future by showing leadership skills, communication, teamwork, and how to properly show professional work” states Ale Mendoza, co-editor for the Key Club. Moreover, at the annual district convention, DECON, Kiwanis grants three to two dedicated  Paso High seniors scholarships for as much as a thousand dollars for their contributions.

     In room 1023, students mindfully chatter surrounded by vibrant pieces of memorabilia from previous years. College flags line the walls and former bearcats smile over the working students from various posters and pictures. You can hear scissors zip across stiff but colorful paper before concealing christmas delights. You can pick up the soft clinking of silverware above the murmurs of the Veterans hall. Yearly, the Paso High’s Key club provides gift wrapping services at JC Penney’s over the holidays and regularly volunteers to serve veterans breakfast at the Veterans hall. Currently, the club is working on putting together a fashion show on May 5. The club is also in the process of organizing an art show in which students can submit their work to be auctioned off. The profits gained are set to be donated to programs such as PTP (pediatrics trauma program), a program that funds hospitals and provide tools to keep children safe. All the while members are working towards clocking in twenty or more hours of community service to meet the incentive before attending Fall Rally on November 11. With every passing day we seem to face a new adversity; with every passing day Paso High’s Key Club members work towards providing aid to those in need and leading their community.

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