In Paso Robles many teens find themselves getting bored, especially if they don’t have their phone to keep them busy. There seems to be a shortage of good clean fun.


Mauricio Diego a 9th Grader at PRHS

Paso Robles is a great place to grow up but it can be lacking in the activities department according to youth. “There is nothing to do unless you have money,” said Katlyn Without options of things that could keep teens having fun and staying safe in Paso Robles, youth may make bad decisions like drinking or doing drugs to entertain themselves. According to CBS “Often bored teens are 50 percent likelier than teens not often bored teens to smoke, drink, get drunk and use illegal drugs.”


Gabe Katz a 9th Grader at PRHS

In addition to the teen substance problem, we have seen an increase of a different type of abuse, electronics. In today’s day and age electronic stimulation is everywhere many young adults spend roughly nine hours a day on average consuming media according to CNN. This means that teens may not be bored, but all this time on their phone could be spent doing fun real life things instead that will help strengthen or forge relationships. When teens find themselves getting bored turning to electronic stimuli is often times the first thing they do.

“Usually if it’s at my house I watch tv or play video games.” said 9th Grader Gabe Katz.

Other teens complain about their ability to regulate their use of electronics when it comes to sleep.


Nabil Mawas a 9th grader at PRHS

“I don’t get even slightly enough sleep. Somewhere between four to six hours of sleep a night,” said Nabil Mawas.

Electronics are used excessively and they can ruin sleep patterns among teens. If more teens were involved in sports or recreational activities they would sleep better and be more healthy.


As a teen who struggles with boredom myself, I have decided to put together an activity guide of sorts that will give ideas for fun safe activities that you can try at home. That is rated on price and fun level.


  • Hiking

Devin Dobroth a 9th Grader at PRHS at Bishop’s Peak

You may need a ride to do this but visiting local hikes or mountains such as Bishop’s Peak with friends can be a fun way to stay healthy and have fun. Reaching the top of mountains is an amazing feeling and provided you have a ride it’s free.


  • Reading


Often a forgotten past time but it is relaxing, fun, and enriching to read a good book, also books are affordable considering the amount of enjoyment one can get out of them.


  • Drawing


A cheap and enjoyable past time I  highly recommend this as it is a good stress reliever and as long as you practice anyone can be good at it.

  • Taking a Trip To the Beach

Chances are you know what this is, but its worth mentioning in case you forget. This is reasonably cheap as long as you have a ride to the coast. Go enjoy the biggest attraction in California; don’t take it for granite.


  • Board games with friends

Marshall Wiesner a 10th Grader at PRHS playing giant Jenga

Classic, cheap, fun, invite a few friends over and dust off one of those board games in the corner of your living room, it’s a sure hit. This does not need to on a board either supersized versions of games are fun too such as giant Jenga and Twister.


  • Going out to eat


Admittedly this can get expensive in Paso, but not every place that serves yummy food is too expensive I’m a big fan of little taco joints like Orale downtown for good food at an affordable price.


  • Table Questions


Look up conversation starters online or get the game Table questions next time you’re having trouble finding something to do with your friends, you won’t regret it.

  • Biking



Devin Dobroth a 9th Grader at PRHS Biking

Biking is another great way to stay active that is relatively cheap as long as you have a bike, chances are you or your parents do and it never gets used. See Paso from a new perspective as you roll through the streets without a windshield powered by nothing but yourself.




  • Watching a movie in the theaters

Gabe Katches a 9th Grader at PRHS at Park Cinemas

This one can depend on the movie but as long as you have about 15 dollars and can get downtown the movie theater is a fun way to kill some time with your friends or by yourself.


  • Hosting a party


Hosting a party can be tricky you need your parent’s consent and a good place to host the party as wall as some activities for your party guests. Games like ping pong or pool area and awesome way to start the night while playing some fun music to lighten the mood. Also, consider a daytime party if you have access to a pool just make sure there are refreshments and food available.


  • Joining a club or sport


The high school provides many clubs and sports for its students to take part in. Clubs like Young Life can be a great way to have fun activities planned for you and your friends. Sports are also fun ways to stay active and involved in the community while meeting new people. Listen for announcements and sign up for that sport you’ve been looking at it can’t hurt to give it a try.

  • The Ravine Water Park

Another fun summer activity the water park is a fun way to cool off on the hot summer days that follow the end of school. You may find yourself with too much time on your hands during the days without school try going to the water park to stay active have fun and kill time.


  • Going to the Fair

In the summer the Mid State Fair is a fun way to enjoy all the attractions Central California has to offer. You are lucky to live so close to the biggest fair in SLO County so why not capitalize on this advantage and buy a season pass. The Fair is especially fun with friends.


  • Getting a job


If you’re still having trouble finding ways to fill gaps in time why not get a job and make money while building relationships and gathering experience in the workplace. It may not be the most entertaining thing but you won’t be bored and you will be learning important skills while making money to supplement your future endeavors.



People now don’t enjoy living in the moment, they are bombarded with sensory stimulation from electronic devices that crawl their way into every part of our lives. Many people are missing out on the world around them by not going outside or spending some time having a face to face conversation with their friends. Hopefully, Paso Robles will provide new and fun things to young adults to do as it grows with the tourism and wine industry.


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