Paso Robles Girls Varsity Tennis Team is hoping this year they will go to the championship games. The girls varsity tennis team coach, Laura Clowes, has been coaching since 1996 starting with boys jv tennis team. They practice 5 sometimes 6 days a week 2 hours or more. The team has a total of 12 players. 5 seniors, 5 juniors and 2 sophomores. There are 2 team captains for the varsity tennis team which are, Anaya Medeiros, junior and Alex Fleites, senior. When interviewing Anaya I asked her what her advice is for people who want to be on the varsity tennis team her answer was “For varsity you have to work your hardest, course it will not go easy on you, and you always have to make sure your on time, and ready to go.” Anaya has been playing tennis for 3 years and this is her first year on varsity. Alex has also been playing for 3 years. Alex was asked what she thinks a team needs to have or do in order to be successful. “Everyone should get along, because if there’s drama, than it can affect how we play” Alex plays singles in tennis. They have 1 new assistant coaches this year which is Bryson Pesenti, sophomore. They are also hoping to make the tennis team year round, but for now girls practise we actually start playing in may, with spring clinics then we go into summer, and of course we go into fall. At tennis tryouts they look for “Well it’s how they move, how much tennis experience they have, how they focus on the court, and their drive, if they want to be here and commit to becoming a better tennis player.”

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