Anime Club is here in town and with the large popularity of anime it’s no wonder why people have a club for it here at PRHS. This interesting club started near the beginning of 2017. Only around 10 people were there last school year and now around 15-20 people have joined so far this year. The club always meets on Fridays during lunch in Room 306 which is Mrs. Meyer’s classroom. The club’s President is Elizabeth Phillips(Liz) and the Vice President is Joyce.

   We think that being able to meet other people through common interests and being able to express and appreciate anime with someone who also likes it is really nice. It’s a place where you can be yourself, enjoy the things you love in a healthy manner, and learn about one of the many small portions that are a part of Japanese culture. Most of the time it is a place to meet new people who also have an interest in anime, or it can also just be a place to hang out with close friends whether they have an interest in anime or not.

*All quotes paraphrased above between the three people that we interviewed.*

   While most people tend to hang around outside we get our own classroom to hang out in. A plain looking science lab may not seem like the coolest place to hang out, but for us, it’s just as colorful as the anime we watch. Sometimes though, we won’t be able to meet there because Mrs. Meyer has been busy. Hopefully the classroom is accessible for us to use and for others to join us.


We hope more people will begin to join this club and share their interests in anime!

*Simulation of the environment given as interpretations of actions taken inside and outside the club from the interviewer.*


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