No One is Held Back from Having a Good Time

High school drama club continues to provide fun opportunities for all students

By Anya Veach

Though most schools have a theater program of some sort, Paso Robles High School’s goes above and beyond in their enthusiasm for the art, resulting in the creation of Drama Club. This club is bringing all kinds of students together to have fun and gain experience with theater. According the director of the club, Marcy Goodnow, there have been fifty or more students attending this club in the eight years that she has been leading it. “We fill up all of the seats every time,” says senior and vice president of the club Madecyn Penn as she recounts the meetings with friend Jadyn Steaffens. “And some people will sit on the ground, too.” Madecyn and Jadyn have been a part of this club for the past three years, and they love the atmosphere. “There’s just super good vibes,” Madecyn says.

This club has been a great opportunity for several students to get involved. At each club meeting, current and upcoming events in theater, both at the school and in the community, are discussed in order that everyone will have a chance to get involved. In addition, the club plays several improvisation games. These games, while a lot of fun for everyone involved, are also a great way to begin learning or practicing theatrical techniques.

Drama Club is a place where everyone, even Marcy Goodnow, feels inspired by the work of their peers. “I love seeing my students lead other students,” says Goodnow. Drama club is a perfect opportunity to do just that, as well as learn from others in a fun and laid-back way. From the opportunities to the fun and games to the open and enthusiastic students involved, Drama Club is an amazing program that captures the hearts of everyone in it. Several students have discovered a passion that they never expected right in that meeting room. This guarantee for inspiration shows no signs of faltering. If you get the chance to participate in a club as great as Drama Club, you should not let it slip past you.

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