Another great game from the PRHS Football Team with a score of 17-0. If they keep it up, they might just make it to the biggest game of the year! Being asked, What motivated you to be a freshman coach, Coach Gallant responds with, “I became a freshmen coach because I want to see kids succeed as football players.” The teams’ right offensive tackle, Wesley Bennett, and our safety/receiver, Anthony Anguiano have stepped aside to take this interview. First up is Wesley Bennett; Wesley was asked what motivated him to play football, and he responded with, “I wanted to be as good as my dad when he played football. I also plan to play for all four years of college.”After interviewing Wesley, Anthony was up next. Anthony Anguiano, a consistent player, hopes to play football in college, he stated, “If i’m that good.” They wear the colors: white and crimson, they also practice for 3 hours at the most at Liberty High School. With many of the players getting injuries such as concussions, it decreases the amount of players per game/practices. Something for the team to look forward to is another great game like this one.

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