The food at paso high is actually not bad when you compare to other school food but the prices have been fluctuating . For my topic imma talk about the quality of the food and price compared to the older prices and quality. Overall I feel like  the quality of the food has gone down and the prices have gone up. For example the chipotle sandwich now uses the same chicken they sell as chicken strips and id bet its the older less fresh ones because from my experiences it’s a lot tougher. For an example of the price changes the vitamin water has gone from $3 for the longest time to $2 for a bit and back to $3, gatorade went from $1 to $1.25 but $1 at the student store so the school went back to $1. Most food have to be bought in a meal (with an apple/orange,milk and, bag of carrots) so now instead of a $2 pizza  now you get $3.50 a Meal with a piazza,drink,and nutrition/orange(update you can now buy pizza by the slice for $2 at the gym). I understand the school needs to sell healthier but from what i’ve seen most people are throwing the carrot and fruit into the trash which is spending more money to waste more food.


Most of theses changes started when the school introduced there code system after our break in december. From the start students were not happy about the changes. The lunch lines were even longer than before and lasted until the end of lunch. It was only like that in the beginning now most people know their code now but the line still takes a long time But, since then they’ve added a few more selections like nachos, and they fixed the ice cream machine.


As I do this project a lot of great changes are being made. They’ve added more food options such as pretzels, muffins, and nachos and now you get a bag of chips with your meal. This is great for the students/customers but they didn’t have any pizza for sale just chicken strips and chicken sandwiches. Besides better quality of food the school has improved a lot especially for all this to happen in one year. Usually the schools food doesn’t change and when it does it’s usually not too great for the students but, as of right now I’m starting to like these changes. I can’t think of much more besides having more food stands to help cut the line down. Lunch

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