Originating at a young age, Kira Brockman hungered for the euphoria of listening to good literature.  She craved the nightly encounters where her mother would read to her in a soft voiced that lulled her to sleep and left her with vivid dreams of the confines of her most recently inquired fairy-tale.  She appreciated the opportunity to experience the raw complexity of stories that made her feel something. She found the comparisons between the fictional world and the ways she could apply it to her life as something that allowed her an advantage in life.  Kira is resolute to bestow the same advantage to others with her writing and journalism skills.

Kira is a 14 year old student that resides in the cozy town of Paso Robles, California.  She respects the most vulnerable segment of a story and strives to find that vulnerability in everyone.  Kira aspires to use her intellectual writing to become an editor in New York City and offer exhilarating stories to everyone.  She notices the impact simple happenings converted into stories can impact a person life for the better.  She finds virtuous traits such as loyalty and honesty essential to relationships with others and endeavors to portray that in her writing.


“Kira has a talent for finding the most compelling part of a story, even in the most mundane instances,” says Trinity Holland.

“She definitely knows how to select the most eloquent words to make a story great.  If you read it written by someone else without all the sophisticated language it wouldn’t hold the same authenticity.”

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