Bearcats interested in completely different events surround the new track. Although these athletes may not know each other well, they are all united by the PR on their Crimson backs.The Paso High Track and Field team consists of 9th- 12th graders. Being one of the only sports that does not make cuts, it is the largest team on our campus. Jared Perez, a thrower for the group, sees track and field as a way to “meet a few people and get some exercise to stay healthy.”  Track and field is a way for many students of all athletic abilities to experience what it feels like to be on a sports team. Because of the many options for events, it is easy for anyone to find something that they are both good at and enjoy doing. It also gives students the chance to reach their goals by competing against those with similar interests. According to Azul Ponce, a distance runner on the team, this sport allows her to “improve and challenge [her]self”. It helped her to achieve a personal record of 6.22 minutes on a mile.

The abundance of motivated Bearcats are not the only factors that contribute to making up this great sports team. Students would not be able to achieve their goals if it weren’t for the mentoring of coaches. When asked about her opinions on the coaches, Ponce stated that “they’re great coaches” who are “always helping you and teaching you new things.” Both Coach Overton and Coach Carroll have been mentors for the track and field team for about 7-8 years, and they were both a part of their own high school’s team. They enjoy getting their athletes to work hard and apply more effort into events.


At meets, you will typically see the group in the colors crimson, white, and black while also sporting something with the bear cat logo on it. Not only will you see them showing off their school spirit, but you can also see that the athletes will be radiating happiness due to the fact that they are also having fun. The Paso Track Team strives to achieve personal records in their individual events and want more students to qualify for the CIF(California Interscholastic Federation) State Competition, a competition that is “committed to developing student athletes of character” by “strengthen[ing] the integrity of students”( So, when you’re trying to find something to do this Spring, consider joining the Track and Field team. It’s accepting and motivating environment may be just the place for you!


****Other School Records can be found on

-Kristal Roman(per 6)

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