My name is Sadie Sisk and through the year of 2016-2017 I have progressed in many areas such as community outreach with clubs and leadership, science, math, English, soccer and other athletics, but mostly journalism. Upon starting an introductory course to journalism, I had no knowledge what so ever about this topic. As the year went on I progressed tremendously in programs I had never even heard of such as Adobe Photoshop.


These photos were all edited in Photoshop during a Photo scavenger hunt towards the beginning of the year

I learned how to make info graphics in Adobe Illustrator, I had gone from simple shapes in a template to designing a poster for a dance, starting from a blank, white screen.


All through the year I made it my personal goal to progress in each and every subject and to learn new things. With handwork and dedication I succeeded. I earned a place on the PRHS JV soccer team as a goalkeeper and through that experience I learned valuable skills in teamwork and dedication. I had gone from using my cell phone camera to occasionally take pictures to using a DSLR camera to place first in the Tri County Journalism Educators Association for a featured photo and received an honorable mention in the news category. In the PRHS 2016-2017 leadership class I helped plan the Homecoming assembly, 2017-2018 elections, bear cat 101 and many more wonderful events that involved the campus. In these events I enhanced my leadership skills and my ability to put on events. Throughout this school year I have acquired many skills that will benefit me my entire life.

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