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Have you ever wanted to stalk the cosmos better than the Hubble Telescope, yep the one launched by NASA. WELL NOW YOU CAN! Our Founder Jonah Carmon, wanted to view the stars with extraordinary quality and sight length. He came up with a way to melt down Diamonds into a liquid form and found out when mixed with the precise amount of water and encased in glass, the diamond becomes a new type of lens. These lenses being made with Diamonds are not that cheap, but don’t worry our telescope is! You can receive one of our Telescopes for the low price of $1,487 or get the limited time holiday deal for $999.99. {Holiday Deal is only available until 1/1/17 Free Shipping with UPS Only Available in U.S. .} VisiTech’s Telescopes are guaranteed to expand your views beyond Pluto. These have been tested by the U.S. Army and NASA.   We are not responsible for your sights, these may include galactic warfare, intergalactic perversions on those bathing and much more.

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