Should Paso Robles High School stay as an Closed Campus or change to be an Open Campus School

Should Paso Robles High School stay as an Closed Campus or change to be an Open Campus School.

For so long PRHS students have been trying to make PRHS an open campus school this is the closes they have ever been.

Preston Adam-Hodgson Student

For over 18 years, students at Paso Robles High School have been trying to get the school to become an open campus school. There have been many attempts for this to happen; last year was the best chance PRHS got to being an open campus school, but this year the petition is being lead by Brian Kragh. Kragh is the Senior Class President and is doing this in his free time after school. Over 1500 people have signed Kragh’s petition: there are 425 Freshmen, 377 Sophomores, 383 Juniors, and 321 Seniors. I went and asked over 210 students by surveying them on if they want PRHS to become an open campus school or not, and if PRHS was to become an open campus should the time change.I think the time should be changed because if you are planning to leave campus for lunch you need time to get to your destination and then wait to be seated, to order, to get your food, and to eat your food.” One anonymous student said when asked the question “If PRHS was to become an open campus school should the time for lunch be increased and why the time should be increased”.“If it became a open campus, it would be really good for students to have a longer period. However, students who go out will still be in a hurry to go back to class. This could cause so many accidents and tardies.” This is another unnamed student’s opinion and there concerns about what would happen if the school became an open campus school. In the United States of America nearly 1 in 3 High schools are open campus schools according to a report by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This means that there is around 7333 open campus schools in America. From a 2009 report in 2006 73.1% of schools are closed campus compared to 2000 where 73.4% were closed.  According to Kragh Mr.Martinez would seriously consider it, but a month later admin told him that they would not recommend opening the campus at this time. If PRHS was to become an open campus school this could affect nearly everyone in some way. The ways that it could affect students is the school day could become longer or classes could be shorter and then the most obvious lunch would be longer. At the moment we are back at square one with getting off campus and something most likely won’t happen until next year.

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