Elliot Hochheiser is a professional journalist hailing from Los Angeles, California. He made his start in journalism by covering stories locally at his school for his Media class. Now specializing in research and writing concise articles surrounding politics, events and interviews it has always been his personal goal to eliminate fluff pieces and bring the objective truth to light. Launching the freelance SideScroll Initiative on December 14, 2017, the freshly made company has a number of freelance writers, expert photographers and designers employed who have years of work experience and critical acclaim. Bringing innovative photography and journalism to you at the tap of your fingers, the goal of SideScroll isn’t just to provide high-quality news and entertaining content, but sources for investigational journalism or citation in your own personal works. Using the SideScroll app you are able to see the source for every tidbit of information used and we encourage you to use our FastCheck app to fact check the information supporting our articles. The resourcefulness and accountability of both our reporters and correspondents speaks for itself in terms of authenticity. In a world where deceit and misnomers are commonplace allow us to have your back so that you don’t go uninformed ever again.

“He’s very open to ideas and really knows how to make those ideas into content.”

— Maddy Hanauer

“SideScroll is an imaginative and revolutionary concept that has made it easier for me to find good citation and information.”

— Armando Riviera

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