Left to right: Jasmine, Sadie, Cassi, Lily

s-sadie-sisk-2adie Sisk is a person who is drawn to the beauty in places where beauty doesn’t seem to exist. As a woman who loves to travel and be around nature, finding small places of delight, is not a hard task for her. She is always with her family when she is traveling and loves to capture images of the fun times. She plays sports such as soccer and track so she is always around adventure and loves to be in fun environments. She is very involved in the world around her seeing as she in the Leadership class at Paso Robles High School, and volunteers to help her community almost every weekend. Sadie has made her high school’s JV soccer team as a goalkeeper and has been playing soccer for 10 years of her life. Since she plays sports year round, she is prone to those amazing action shots and finds joy in the competitive images.  Sadie is always finding fun, exciting, beautiful places and people in her everyday life. Her ability to find a great background for someone’s portrait is outstanding.  She is just beginning in her photography career and she has a long journey ahead of her.

” Sadie is a wonderful person and always seems to find the happiest places around, rain or shine.” – Wean Dinchester


“Sadie is very professional when it comes to portrait photography.I like the way she was able to pose me without any awkwardness;10/10.” – Daniel Mehan



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