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Nov 8 4-6 p.m.

Deliver your 10-second 3-D animation of a train with background landscape and a lighting change. The animation should be a playable video file. Also include 5+ hi-res image files showing the intricate complexities of the train. Also bring your storyboards matching your finished animation and a calendar showing when you planned and completed each task.

Local Scorecard


Feb 3rd 7:45-12

Costs: Complete Form 1 & Pay $15

Deliver your short animation with storyboards and 10 detail freeze-frame shots.


April 19-22

Model and animate based on a given challenge while on site in Ontario.

June 25-29

Model and animate based on a given challenge while on site in Louisville, Kentucky.



Be Pro

Professional attire (Local & Regionals, State & Nationals)

Resume (Samples, Draft Resume)



Autodesk 3Ds-Max Tutorials

Part 1 (10) Part 2 (10) Part 3 (8) Part 4 (8)

Autodesk Mudbox

Blender Tutorials


6 Steps of Animation

12 Principles of Animation


Pixar’s Info



2015 PRHS Local by Ian Muscio

Youtube Search for Golds


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