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Contest Descriptions


Nov 8 4-6 p.m.

Deliver you one 8×10 printed and matted photograph of your choice content as well as three digital photos of a portrait, a landscape, and one of Campus Life. Digital editing is permitted. Be prepared to share your artistic and technical decisions.

Local Scorecard


Feb 3rd 7:45-12

Costs: Complete Form 1 & Pay $15

Bring 2 8×10 matted photos; shoot and edit photos based on given theme on site


April 19-22

Bring 2 11×14 matted photos; Studio & Field shoots on site, Editing on site; Edit a photo needing color correction

June 25-29

Bring 2 11×14 or 16×20 mounted and matted photos; Studio & Field shoots on site, Editing on site; Edit given photos needing various improvements



Be Pro

Professional attire (Local & Regionals, State & Nationals)

Resume (Samples, Draft Resume)

Equipment Op

DSLR Basic Training Google Classroom Code: pqwi1e

Basics 1 Basics 2

7 Tips for Shooting


Exposure Settings (Aperture, ISO, Shutter)

Product Shots (Table-top)


10 Tips for Beginners

5 Filters+

Masking I Masking II

Cut Out Hair (Channels)


Print (Walmart Blueprinters Staples MGK) and Matte Your Photo

Matting Your Photo Professional or visit Michael’s



World Press photo Contest 2017 (warning: graphic)


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