A survey given out to the 10% population of students demonstrated how they feel personally towards their confidence.

“If I pay too much attention to what others may think, I lose a lot of great opportunities,” said Katie Schulte, a junior at PRHS.  Paso Robles High School is a home to more than 2,000 students. As students grow physically and mentally, the people and activities that surround them often adapt to their lifestyle, stated the National Institution of Health. With the 10% population of students of PRHS, the statistics show how many students feel about self-confidence. With the total of 41% of students, the students have felt somewhat comfortable in their bodies. 39% of students felt extremely comfortable.

“The constant pressure of social standards and the feeling of being out of place puts a lot of pressure on teens to confront the expectations of society,”

answered one of the students when asked why it is difficult for students to embrace who they are. Within the students who took the survey, 34% of students somewhat felt pressured to act a certain way compared to the 24% of students who felt no pressure.

 “I have struggled with self confidence, but not as much as other people have,”

Viviana Hernandez says, a fifteen year old sophomore at PRHS.

“I know there’s people who harm themselves because they don’t feel comfortable with who they are.”

Causes of low self-esteem have been factors of social statuses, bullying, personal relationships and more.

 The percentages of peers of PRHS who have felt comfortable with the people who surround them were high! 53.7% of students stated that they felt completely comfortable compared to the very low percentage of 4.9% who didn’t. In fact, the majority of students who had taken the survey displayed positive feedback. Most students who took the survey, who were positive about themselves, were in honor classes. Academics and personal life have been proven to fluctuate if the student lacks self-esteem. In a study examined by psychology researchers in 2005-2007,conducted an exam where students were tested on their educational strategies and confidence state. The students’ performances were influenced by their confidence by 12 percent.

 The self-esteem in students had created a higher degree in their education and happiness. Tristan Brewer, a current bearcat feels that confidence is the key to happiness and success.

“If you’re confident, you’ll just be happy with yourself even if you mess up,”

Brewer expressed. Even if one might not be struggling with self-esteem personally, the awareness should be considered for all.

All photos and film were made by Jasmine Romero


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