For good or bad, students’ mental health has changed due to a variety of factors  By Santiago Alapizco Student Reporter

“I feel that people are hostile towards each for petty issues, I think that it will lead to more violence in the future.”That was said by Jose David a sophomore at PRHS he believes that people are becoming more hostile,This has slowly become an underlying issue in our society that some people are much more hostile towards others,but has mental health been affected by this?Well a study conducted by NIMH(National Institute of Mental Health)in 2016 found that about 18.3% of all U.S. adults had an A.M.I.(Any mental illness),While another study conducted that about 28.1% of adults had an A.M.I. up from years later based on this it seems that mental health has been affected positively.Mr.Carroll an english teacher at PRHS believes the number of people in different personality types are changing as in his own words he says“I think that there are many more nice people but the people who are rude are allowed to be with less consequences”.While this has a positive side as  Mr.Carroll says there is also a negative side the few people who are rude are permitted to be rude in society nowadays with little to no repercussion.

                    This in turn has made it alot more easy for people to brush off being rude,arrogant and just treating other humans like garbage being brushed off as just “Oh he is just having a bad day.”Instead they just let it go even though people are like that for all of their time here on earth.This is turn is making people brush off  many things that could be signs of a mental disorder as them just being plain rude and for many people the mental disorder they have plagues them so much they take their own lives about 44,000 in a given year succumb to this according to NIMH,while this doesn’t sound like a lot to some of you, it is huge increase compared to the amount of homicides in a given which is about 18,000 less than half the amount of suicides.This makes suicide the 10th highest cause of death in the United States just behind Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis by only 5,000 deaths more a year,according to should concern parents,teachers,and the students especially if we can bring awareness to the issues perhaps we could almost get rid of this problem sadly this will never go away as many people still and never will seek for help from specialists or even friends and family.

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