Payton Ramos is single-handedly saving the design game.  If you need a job done right and for a good price, call Payton.  Little by little, he is passing up the competition by his outstanding work ethic and insane skills in the design area.  Payton believes that sometimes, having a big business in a big city doesn’t mean that a small business in a small town can’t have better output.  He believes in quality over quantity and he shows it every day.  He is skilled in designing logos, changing pictures, adding filters, and photoshoping pictures and adding cool filters.  “Payton Ramos has a lot of potential in this class”, said Angelo, Marziello, a fellow peer at PRHS.  “Payton and Super Duper are the hardest working people that I know!”, said Judy Randazzo, a local reporter.  Payton works for Super Duper Designs and they are based in Paso Robles, California.  At Super Duper, they strive every day to surpass the competition and to have clients as happy as they can possibly be.  Super Duper was established in 2017 and they are a small business that offers quality work for a great price.  You can contact Super Duper at or at (805)286-5335.  They want you to come in and set up a meeting or for you to call them and set something up.


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