Increase your story’s FACT DENSITY easily!

It’s very simple: just use online survey services in Google – or a simple “clipboard survey” during your week. Then your story is connected with public opinions/perceptions. 

  1. Create a Google Form
  2. Write 5-10 questions.
    • Any fewer and you’re not tapping the public enough. Any more and you’ll lose them.
  3. Get Mount to edit your questions for you. He’s seen a lot of mis-surveying.
  4. Click SHARE FORM to get the link.
  5. Paste the link into your Facebook and encourage others to share it.
  6. Watch responses come in Google using SUMMARY OF RESPONSES or the automatic spreadsheet Google creates for your survey.
  7. Insert your survey results into your story. Consider making a TABLE of the RESULTS, as eye candy.


Other ways to survey:

  1.  During Tutorial
    • Take printed versions of your survey to classrooms. In the past, this has been the surest way to receive the highest amount of survey-takers (sometimes hundreds of students!)
  2. Clipboard Survey
    • Grab a pen, paper, and clipboard during lunch or nutrition and ask students your questions directly. Remember to avoid nepotism and instead, talk to people you don’t know. This is a great way to get opinions of people who have never been in the paper.

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