The A-Town park is open from 3pm-6pm on Saturday and Sunday for $5. On the weekdays it is 2pm-4pm free and 4pm-6pm for $3 and is supervised by the owners Kevin and Andrea Campion. Kevin Campion, owner of Atown Park, says “Atown Park is the best!” in Owen Grandoli’s video on Youtube called “A-Town Park: A Safe Place To Ride”.

Kevin has been working with the community of Atascadero for the past 30+ years and he’s been working with Atown for the past 9 years. He has had “experience with scootering and skating” through his career and has managed to keep Atown Park held up for almost 10 years!

Atown’s locals, Jayden Mazzo, Chris Farris, and Devin Sydlowski are also spreading the word in Atascadero about how well the park is managed. Jayden Mazzo, tells us that “A-Town is one of the safest parks in and around California and also says that A-Town “has an amazing environment and the owners, Kevin and Andrea Campion, definitely know what they’re doing in the scootering community”.

They also have a snack bar with food and drinks to keep you shredding the day away!

If there are any questions you need to ask them please call The A-Town Park at (805)-461-7606.




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