Jasmine Romero: Founder of The Artistic Lens

Meet the Author:
Photographed by Victoria Escamilla

Jasmine Romero is currently a 15 year old student at Paso Robles High School. Since she was little, she always had her eyes on the Visual Arts Industry. Starting from painting beautiful cards to working toward lifestyle and eventful photography, Jasmine strives to her life time goal. Violin and visual arts have been huge aspects in her life. During her young teenage life, Jasmine has had a lot of experience of leadership and determination by volunteering at her church and at community get-togethers. Her life is full of responsibilities because of her Pre-AP classes and music and tennis practices every week. Nevertheless, she keeps her grades high which prompts her 4.0 GPA and her happiness in check. The Introduction to MultiMedia Journalism has opened her knowledge of DSLR Cameras and Design. Working with students and adults outside of school have given her a great deal of diversity of clients. Jasmine will work very hard to get a great outcome of her work. With a few clicks and swift movements of a pen, she’ll give you a masterpiece.

If you need a photographer or designer, feel free to contact Jasmine Romero at 8003732@pasoschools.org or (805) 555-555.

“Jasmine is a very precise photographer who pays attention to her details in her designs.” – Victoria Escamilla

“She’s very good at using her surroundings to her advantage.” – Wasim Benbrahim


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