Last week I interviewed some students that went to FCA club. They told me that FCA has been going on for about 4 weeks. The students also told me a little bit about it. In FCA they start out by saying how it is a very awesome club because they get to learn about Jesus and eat pizza at the same time. A couple of kids that go to FCA wish that the club was have it for a longer amount of time, not just lunch. I found out that FCA is every thursday at lunch, it starts like 7 minutes after the bell rings. The club was founded in 1954. (it was created at PRHS in 2015). This club matters because this makes students that may not have heard of Jesus, or maybe can’t go to Church on Sunday hear about God’s word. I interviewed my sister and she has been going to FCA since freshman year and she told me that “I enjoy it a lot and wishes it went on all day not just lunch.”


The club is located in Mr.Drake’s room. His room is located in the 100 building. Right when you walk in the room to your left is a table with pizza and drinks. To the right are desks where we sit and listen to the sermon. They usually have a guest speaker talking about how Jesus impacted their lives, but they don’t always have a guest speaker. If they don’t have a guest speaker they have either Cade England(Club President) or Kiah Williams(Club Vice President) talking about God’s word. You know in every club there are people who impact it and help it run smoothly. Well FCA has about four people who do that, their names are Cade, Kiah, Pastor Guy, and Mr.Drake. Some future plans I hope the clubs have are  maybe could maybe be on Saturday like maybe a youth group. To end this off I want to quote is  Philippians 4:13, it says “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

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