The importance of FFA to the high schooler and their growth, it’s incredible in how some kids mature into young adults.  FFA is big on self work, managing money, time and the importance of AG.

“The FFA gained 60 students in our FFA program. Every student in an AG science class is an FFA participant, therefore there are 450 participants.” said Mrs. Bradshaw one of the teachers of the FFA. The budget of the PRHS FFA is 8,000 dollars that the FFA students have to fundraiser for. The money goes towards traveling cost to different events like vet science and chapter contests. The 2016-17 fair everyone in the PRHS FFA placed in there showing category. Lily has been in the FFA for two to three years now and really enjoys raising goats and competing in chapter competitions, she said, “I personally suggest that you should be involved in an amazing experience that only comes once. In FFA you get to build up your leadership qualities and personal growth.finally get involved take the chance with FFA that is big, it will surely change the person you are. FFA has helped me become a wise person, becoming responsible for my actions is mainly develop my leadership qualities experience that I wouldn’t I’ve ever known about.”

Another FFA student has just recently joined and  said, “FFA is not just showing animals the FFA is to insure that agriculture is in the future. There are many different forms in the FFA such as floral, welding, and many other competition that you can compete in.”

FFA is not just about showing animals but when it is I’ve been told the experience is like nothing else.Lily said, “My project was a market meat goat well I didn’t get to participate in market my meat goat didn’t make weight but I still had the chance to participate in showmanship and the experience of it.” The 2016-17 fair everyone in the PRHS FFA placed in there showing category. The students have shown how the FFA is important to our school and the people who are involved in the FFA experience. The FFA program at paso high was started in 1939 and everyone who was involved then there child or other family member down the line is now involved.

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