Hi, my name is Quinn Martin, I am a student at Paso Robles High School, California. Today I am talking about bearcats hobbies and why they are important in the students everyday life. When in high school, people seem to struggle with the stress and extremity of work and assignments, having a hobby seems to help with all of that. It’s good to have hobbies to take the pressure off all of the school work, the drama, and the students. Whether you are hanging out with friends or even just by yourself, having a relaxing day always takes the stress off of mostly everything if you let it. Sometimes hobbies are pretty hard to find, some just come to you. For this web post, I interviewed Owen Grandoli and Noah Brabenic. Owen is a freshmen at Paso Robles High School and Noah is a senior at Paso Robles High School. Both have very interesting hobbies that they have stuck with for a very long period of time. Sometimes, your hobbies can become your job, and you make money for doing what you love. High school helps you find many hobbies that you may want to do as a job, so that’s why you should try do whatever you want to, who knows, maybe you might find a career out of it like Noah Brabenic.

Noah definitely seems to plan to make music as a career. He makes a good amount of money selling beats to upcoming rappers in the bearcat community. Noah plans on going to L.A. Recording school, The Los Angeles Recording School is a private, for-profit college and is a division of the larger Los Angeles Film School. It is located in Hollywood, California. But not just Noah who is willing to go to college with their hobby, Owen Grandoli plans on getting a scholarship from a D1 collegee(division one).

Owen Grandoli really enjoys soccer, it keeps him active and happy. The good thing about these hobbies is that they are provided by the school, with Noah having speakers provided by the spectacular Introduction to multimedia journalism teacher, John Rucker, and Owen Grandoli being able to join the soccer team here at Paso Robles High School. Having hobbies is very important in high school life in general, keeping you alive from all of the stress and weight of classes and school work while also expanding your mind and talents.

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