Jessica Mayer a teacher and host who event the anime club with the leader

Of the club Liz Phillis.The event happen every friday in the club they watch anime and talk about it and explore the anime crulter.   


Anime club a club that review and talk about anime using a voting system to watch what anime.The leader of this club Liz Phillips  said about the club “Anime is very entertaining and fun to talk to other people about it that why we made the anime club”.” anime frown upon in the community like saying it weird and making fun of the people who watch anime and express it out and this club let you talk about and see new anime and to talk with other people who like anime” said Liz Phillis .One of the member of the Anime club Santiago said “their mostly  sophomores,juniors so it funny to with them about anime and i know them” also he rate 7/10.In their First year of the club they  had 10 to 15 people and now they had 15 to 20.What they look forward in the future is continue the club and to have more member in the club.

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