The military the harsh discipline, two months of hell in boot camp  and a beneficial life on one path. College a grueling all night studying course and a worthwhile four year changing reward at the end on another path.  Both theses paths have one thing in common. High school graduates are going on one path or another. This story is going to find out why high school graduates choose college or the military.

The military and college are the two main stepping stones of a new adult’s life. People join the military to get discipline, equality, benefits, or money to pay for college. People enrolled in college to open up their career choices and have a  better chance on getting a good job.

“I think that’s a really good opportunity for them to actually have some other career other than the military and that way they can make even more money even though they have retirement benefits and that it can help benefit in the long run for other careers in the military,” said Senior Daniel Cox.

This story matters because it shows what society influences seniors to join. Also it shows what choice is more than likely to get picked and why they picked it.

“I want to join the army and be a green beret and follow the steps of Edward Snowden,” Cox said on his inspirations on why he wants to be a Green Beret (Army Special Forces).

75% of people who enlist between the ages of 17 and 24 are not eligible to enlist according to PolitiFact Wisconsin . Meaning that the military is stricter and more difficult to get into than most colleges.

“College in general has always been a plan of mine and in the family. My parents have always wanted me to do. As for graphic design most my interest outside of school has to deal with art and technology that definitely pulled my interest in that direction.Also having family members. My uncle is a graphic designer and having him as a figure to look up to has been helpful. That points to my interest with my future lifestyle,” said Senior Matt O’Leary about his plan to go to Cuesta .

88% of all high school graduates enroll into a college. Only 12% opted not to go into college according to The Huffington Post. Translating to it’s easier to enroll in college than joining any branch of the military.

“I want to do something for myself. I want to help serve for my country. Knowing that when I come back, knowing that come back, knowing that I help protect our country. Keeping everyone safe and all that stuff,” said Senior Cameron D. on his reason on joining the United States Army.  

The seniors of 2017 had 4 years to figure out what they want to do with their life. They for certain like every kid have change their mind from time to time or questioned their future.   

The three remaining weeks of school is the time where seniors look back on their years at Paso High and look forward to graduation and their future. Whether it’s at a college campus or on the battlefield, Seniors are closing a chapter in their life and open a new one.

Senior Daniel Cox, future in the Green Berets

Senior Cameron D. future tank crew man in the US Army



Jonathan A. future Special Warfare Craft Crewman (SWCC)

Luis Torres future Cuesta college student



Mitchel D. Cuesta college student likes to major in history

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