People should should start looking at the Freshman football team because they are the future of the football program here at Paso Robles High. With the team consisting of 49 player the coaches might worry about the players playing time. The team having the same record as the JV with the team having a record of 5-2-0 and there biggest win being 17-0 this team this generation of football players look promising. “The only way that we will get better at playing is if we practice more and that’s the only way that we will work together better”. This season went by fast for the spectators, but for the players this must have been a long season. With the team practicing 3 times a week since they started at the beginning of summer and the season not even over yet. Now the next step for the team is to practice more and get better at playing together.One of the players even said “This season has definitely being one of the hardest football season that I have ever played.”

By Jose Reynoso

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