So what is a Nutgraf?

A nutgraf that is a NUTshell that explains how the story is newsworthy. Tell readers why your story matters in the larger context. 


“The writer must share with the reader: ‘Here’s what the story means. Here’s what it says to all of us.'”

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why does this event matter? Why is it printed in the paper?nutgraf-pdf-google-drive
  2. How does it compare to past events?
    • According to an authority?
    • According to a fact-based analysis of it?
  3. How is it likely to affect the future? What’s ahead?
  4. What’s the historicity of your story?
    • First ever? Third? Worst? Learn the history.
  5. Many are saying that your event is…This majority approach is enough to establish nutgrafism


Crimson Policy:

Every Crimson writer provides a Nutgraf in each story printed in the paper and web.


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