Manuel Cruz is a hard working student at PRHS who loves classical rock and heavy metal. He has been playing his guitar for a long while and has learned many songs on it. He takes his guitar to PRHS. Manuel has 2 electric guitars one white and one red. Manuel is still learning his guitar hoping to get an acoustic guitar. Manuel noticed and informed me that they are shutting down a after school band class because not enough people are going to it. Manuel is mad as he thought it was a great program. This affects Manuel’s talent because he does not have much time at home to practice. Manuel did not go onto an interview with me but we talked in person.

Mackenzie Meehan is a student at PRHS who loves showing her horse in cutting in front of an audience. Mackenzie is 5th place WORLDWIDE! Mackenzie recently had been able to travel doing what others cannot do. She has the time and patience to care for her horse. Mackenzie and her horse “I like it this Rey” have won plenty of showings in the last year. Mackenzie has had her horse for around for a year now and already Mackenzie is at the top in 5th, Mackenzie claimed she diffidently has a future she wants to pursue in this talent. Mackenzie is excitedly waiting for her next show and she has until November to make it to the top. The best place Mackenzie has said she has been to was Scottsdale Arizona, Mackenzie’s first place was Madonna Inn, her last place was Rancho Marietta CA. That is Mackenzie’s and I Like It This Rey’s (or Punch is his nickname) story.

Aiden Morgan is a PRHS Student and plays guitar electric and acoustic. Aiden is self taught from YouTube and grown to love guitars. He taught himself to play Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Black Bird by the Beatles. Aiden has been doing this for a year and inspired to continue learning even though guitar is very hard to learn he has kept going at it and hasn’t gave up. Aiden wants to continue learning the guitar. Aiden sees a future in learning guitar because he loves it so much. Aiden typically listens to different guitar riffs electric or acoustic, metal or classical, new and old, old and new. Aiden practices 2 hours a day 1 hour in the morning and evening. Aiden hopes to be able to be the lead guitar in a band and will continue to practice.

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