Theatrical Infatuation

How the Performing Arts Shapes our Lives

There are hundreds of activities and hobbies a person can acquire, many of which have clubs at PRHS to fulfill students desires.  I could tell you about any one of the many clubs he

re at PRHS; they’ve all got a unique aspect that makes them newsworthy. However, the performing arts is full of passion and revelation that nothing else brings to the table.  PRHS Drama association is no exception to the fervor of theatrical work. The reported and intended purpose of drama club is to provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the passions of acting even if they can’t commit to after school. Drama teacher, Marcy Goodnow, has been such an inspiration to students and they “love her attitude and effective way of teaching,” (Silveira).

In a larger context, drama is more than just performed acting, but builds character and creates real life truths that require bigger thinking.  Everything that we say and do as actors helps us create a mood on stage and really tell a story,” says Jeanette. To clarify, the biggest performance of the year is the spring musical consisting of as many as 30-50 actors and 30 crew members.  It takes as many as 80 hands on deck to perfect a play only to be seen around seven days overall.  Goodnow says, “1 minute on stage takes an hour to create.”  Everything has to be perfected for maximum effect. The entirety of theatrical performances has occasionally changed people’s hearts and view of the world.

Mrs. Goodnow always finds ways to get the best performance out of her students by making a comfortable and lighthearted environment.  Traditionally, the drama department hosts three plays: 1 beginning drama showcase, 1 advanced drama showcase, and a talent show.  Goodnow has been teaching drama for 15 years and plans to continue to offer inspiration to those with a passion for theatrical art.  Drama is an everlasting infatuation that can affect an audience for a lifetime.


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