Keep reading for the symptoms of fatigue and how to prevent or help them


how easily do people get tired and exhausted? How easily do you get exhausted? How can you prevent yourself from getting tired to fast?” that’s what a lot of people ask in their heads but never out loud due to them being too tired to even recognize that they have that question.I may not have all the answers, or even any, but i could give some recommendations.First, i would recommend something that sounds a bit hippie ish but it has worked for me and some others. Just stay positive, and view things on a good point of view. Another suggestion is cliche but it works a lot more. Take your rest every once and awhile. Don’t always do things on your own, you may be able to do it but you shouldn’t always do it, that is one of the worst things to do. So always bring a partner with you for any projects. Of cause sleep is something you need to keep energy, eat well, and stay in shape. There are of course last resorts that you could do, the one i would recommend are energy drinks and coffee, however they just take energy from your future self like a liquid time machine. However there are pills and such you can take but i wouldn’t recommend them due to the fact i am not a licenced physician or doctor or any of the sorts, of course if you need them and/or have been prescribed by a legal licensed physician\doctor then that would be fine. And please try and stay away from other people who aren’t licenced, they could be fake or illegal, and cost a lot of money and most likely not worth the risk. Stay safe, don’t get addicted, and don’t do drugs kids, or the boogeyman might get to you. But here is the thing, you may not need anything, you only need to get used to you’re environment. Adapt to it, adapt you’re mentality. Change on how you see things, some people choose to see a lie to help them go through the day, do not do that. But instead change the truth. Make yourself see what you want to see by making what you want to see a thing. It is not an easy thing to do, but if you want it badly enough, you literally can do nearly anything. Even if it is simply having more energy to do stuff. All the advice i have told you can be helpful if you use it in your own way. But to some it might not work at all. Use what you know the way you want to, that is how you can get through the day, that and not getting overwhelmed.'re not alone.

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