Victoria Witnesses the Distinctions in Two Different Worlds by Jasmine Romero

“Both Paso and Los Angeles have very different lifestyles.”

“I moved here in seventh grade from Los Angeles. In LA, it was really busy and you had something different to do everyday. There was always something interesting going on. I like both Paso Robles and Los Angeles. Paso can be pretty quiet and peaceful, you can appreciate the outdoors more and nature, there’s always beaches nearby and there’s the country and horses. While in LA it’s busy and hectic. However, in Los Angeles there were many food outlets and museum parks that were accessible. I used to visit LA a lot more, but now I visit at least once every month because I’m busier here. I miss it there because I had lot of my family there however, I’ve grown to love Paso. I can adjust to different lifestyles.”

All images are owned and edited by Jasmine Romero

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