In Today’s society high schools are plagued with drugs and nicotine. Every year it seems that the growth of weed and vaping is increasing incredibly over the mass majority over highs school. Doing drugs and Smoking weed might be fun but not only is it bad for your health but decreases your intelligence by dropping your IQ by 8 points and when you smoke or vape most students have only a 52 percent chance of passing classes which can in turn stop you from graduating and making yourself a model citizen. Everyday 3300 students are trying weed for the first which could result in bad grades and a decrease in graduates and it doesn’t help that weed and vaping companies are targeting children with vape juices and childish dab pens.

Info graphic on vapes

Info graphic about weed in schools

When asking students on what they think about vaping Marco Perez had this to say about it “ vaping is lame and doesn’t help you”, And Max Martinez thought weed was not a “ smart and ethical thing to do if you want to succeed in life.”

Most students at the school think that students who smoke are least likely to succeed in life and think that they are hurting their chance to make themselves a great person in society. Vaping is still not better than smoking because vaping can alternatively lead a person back to smoking or make them start smoking. Weed is also getting more popular in younger grades starting at 8th grade and above they are increasing at a rapid rate.

Vaping in High school has become a problem at PRHS the smoke from vapes setting off fire alarms which in return the fire department comes to a non burning school instead of someone in need of help. Vaping is growing quickly as well the percentages of students vaping have jumped by two times the amount from 2017 to 2018.

We as students need to help stop our fellow students from ruining their lives by telling them to stop smoking and quit vaping in order to create better more successful lives.

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