TUESDAY 10/25/16: Orphan Train reading, poster sketching & castmember bios


What in the script reading can you apply to a poster design?
What interview details and audio can you use for a castmember bio?
What PHOTOSHOP magic can create your ideal gravestone?


1. Check off Obituary homework (Rucker Thurs) (10 pts)

2. R3 Trello/SkillsUSA Designers

3. Orphan Train sample

4. Poster Sketches!

Monday Oct. 24, 2016: Maslow, Eulogy, & Epitaph Planning


By the end of your life how will you fulfill your Maslow Needs?
What words will be spoken about you at your memorial–EULOGY!
What PHOTOSHOP magic can create your ideal gravestone?


1. Prophecy your future and how you will fulfill your Maslow Needs

  1. Complete worksheet triangle handout

2. Write a OBITUARY / EULOGY about your life that could be spoken at your memorial. Incorporate Maslow ideas into its language. 

  1. Read together ample Eulogy read together
  2. Write your OBITUARY / EULOGY on worksheet.
  3. Glue in your copy into Career Choices workbook p. 27 for next grade check.
  4. Coming up: Design your gravestone in Photoshop and put best lines from above onto it. Happy Halloween.

3. Other deadlines this week

  1. ORPHAN TRAIN BIO Due Block Day 10/26-27/16
  2. Using information from your interviews, write a 200-word insight into the cast or crew member you interviewed. Submit it to Google Classroom by block end of period.
    1. Be sure to include the following in your Google Doc:
      1-Give the Doc a name following this format: “Orphan Train – [cast or crew name] by [your name]” – no brackets or quotation marks
      2-Use a brief hook
      3-Introduce the cast or crew member using first and last name and class (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior)
      4-Explain the cast or crew member’s participation and experience
      5-Use quotes from the interview to share the cast or crew member’s unique thoughts, feelings, impressions, and experiences regarding the Orphan Train play
      6-You can use facts about the play and (sparingly) about the historical orphan trains to enhance your story
      7-You will need a head shot of the cast or crew member. Make sure someone is taking photographs and gets a photo of your interviewee. A nice smartphone pic will do in a pinch, so you might shoot one when possible.

4. Poster Design

  1. We will be reading the script this week.

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