April 25-28, 2017 Spring Storytelling Infographics 2 + Photography

1. R2 story analyzed against Crimson rubric

2. GREEN LIGHT PROJECTS announcedtrello

3. Infographics Checklist for the A!

Make yours perfect by Friday! Submit as JPG to Google Classroom.

4. Infographics reminders:

A. Infographic Showcase

B. Infographic Next Steps

i. Analyze your collected interviews and data

ii. Glean infographic-esque material

iii. Sketch a layout>photo>Trello card OR find inspiration>Trello OR Piktochart Layout>Snipping Tool>Trello (5 points)

iv. 75% of your Storytelling Infographic is due Friday (30 points) as JPG on gClassroom.

a. ALL factual information (10)

b. Explain design principles at work: CONCEPT, COMPOSITION, COMPONENTS (5)

c. Appropriate typography (5)

d. Color scheme (5)

e. Visually appealing (5)



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