May 1-5, 2017 Spring Storytelling Photography + R3

1. Photography Sketch Ideas: At least 10 per group (Red lighters need 6 frames each). Due Tuesday

2. R3: Reviews and edits continue. R3 Due Fridaytrello

3. Infographics Checklist and Reminders

Submitted Friday 4/28 as JPG to Google Classroom and attached to Trello.

i. Analyze your collected interviews and data

ii. Glean infographic-esque material

iii. Sketch a layout>photo>Trello card OR find inspiration>Trello OR Piktochart Layout>Snipping Tool>Trello (5 points)

iv. 75% of your Storytelling Infographic is due Friday (30 points) as JPG on gClassroom.

a. ALL factual information (10)

b. Explain design principles at work: CONCEPT, COMPOSITION, COMPONENTS (5)

c. Appropriate typography (5)

d. Color scheme (5)

e. Visually appealing (5)

4. Career Choices!

Smart Goals & Objectives – CC87 – Due Monday – Tuesday, Block, & Friday

Use workbook pages 6, 9, 11, 28, 32-43, 68-73 (gDoc), 83, & 87 to complete activities in


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