MAY 22-26, 2017 VIDEO Wrap up

MONDAY: Final workday on your Premier Video Slideshow. Export your project as MP4 to gClassroom.

TUESDAY: Score BEST OF SHOW from each period using your ballot. Turn in your ballot at end of class. Winners earn prizes!

BLOCK DAY: Begin WordPress Post following packet. PHOTO FUN DAY.

FRIDAY: Caption Lesson. WordPress workday 2: Multimedia Importing! Publish your post according to packet details then submit link to your post to gClassroom.

May 15-19, 2017 Spring Storytelling SLIDESHOW

1. ASSIGNMENT (Due Fri May 19)

Produce a 90-second slideshow with voice over and music of your SPRING STORY. Include your best photography and infographic.

2. Check out inspiration




1. Use the Sequence handout to plan concepts

2. Produce a Google Doc that timelines your Slideshow audio and visual plan. That is, write the Voice Over script –which can use or revise R3 lines, or not — for the 90 sec Slideshow. Insert the matching jpgs that will appear for each sentence.

4. Import into PREMIER & follow PROJECT GUIDE

  1. Voice oVER
  2. Still images
  3. Music
  4. Text headline and deck
  5. Closing credits

5. Apply KEYFRAMES to affect your still graphics

  1. Keyframe Basics
  2. Keyframes for Pan and Zoom effects



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