May 8-12, 2017 Spring Storytelling Photography + R3

1. Career Choices!

Smart Goals & Objectives – CC87 – Due Monday – Tuesday, Block, & Friday

Use workbook pages 6, 9, 11, 28, 32-43, 68-73 (gDoc), 83, & 87 to complete activities in

2. Photographyshottypes

1. At least 20 photos due beginning of block day

2. Shots to get: Long, Medium, Tight, 4x portraits, Action shots, and Staged Symbolic Objects

3. At least two shots must be interesting, relevant video







3. Video Slideshow

1. Deconstruct a Video! Deconstruction due Monday


Making a video is like baking. First you plan what you want to create, what you will need, and the order of putting it all together. Next, you collect the materials. After that, you mix the ingredients in the right order and amounts. Finally, you bake your creation and serve it to others.

Ingredients for Broadcast Package:

  • B-roll related footage, photographs, or images
  • Fact-dense voice over
  • Interviews footage
  • Lower Thirds name cards
  • Appropriate Creative Commons (permission-granted) music
  • Credits (cg)

Alt Version 1: Cheese (see video with CG text)

Alt Version 2: Soviet Shuttles




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