DESIGN a Drama or Dance POSTER using Illustrator

imagesAlso, start Unit 5 Career Choices

Jan. 30- Feb 3, 2017

1. CAREER CHOICES this week: Unit 5 Career Considerations

  1. 30 Points: Two interviews due in gClassroom! Here’s a helpful document (also available via gClassroom).
  2. Vocabulary: define at least 5 words for chapter 5, pp56


Poster for Drama or Dance Productions

From Google Classroom DUE FRI FEB 3, 2017

Produce an 11 x 17 print poster in A.I. that fulfills customer instructions in videos below. Use Pinterest and Google inspiration but do not violate copyright. Submit your poster as a JPG by the deadline.

Include in your poster these design elements taught in class:

  1. Dominant Image
  2. Adobe Color scheme
  3. Artistic background (pattern or setting)
  4. An image trace (vectorized photo)
  5. Type hierarchy
  6. Type contrast
  7. Type adjustment (via Create Outlines)

3. Your Trello Card 

  1. trelloLOOK FOR INSPIRATION. Pinterest. Google searches (Mermaid posters. Dance posters. etc)
  2. Must attach “3 Pinterest or Google jpgs” that you want to emulate in your design
  3. Add yourself as a MEMBER to your card. It’s easy.

4. Adobe Illustrator Skills

  1. Lock objects and layers
  2. Edit points of text
    1. Click on Type>Create Outlines
    2. Select a few points at a time to modify groups/areas of shapes


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