Feb. 27 – March 3, 2017 “Career AUDIO Feature”

Career Choices Chapter 5


1.  CAREER SOUND PROJECT Sampleadobepermier

A. TRAIN in PREMIERE! Learn the ropes of the software that will blend your audio tracks into a finished show…

i. How to Set up Premiere Career Audio

ii. How to Edit Premiere Career Audio

iii. How to Edit – Advanced

iv. How to Export Audio in Premiere

B. SUBMIT YOUR R3 to gCLASSROOM! Add the Google Doc to both Google Classroom and a Trello card.




March 6, 2017 “Spring Storytelling”

Career Choices Chapter 5

1.  Populate story ideas in Trello!Image result for photography messages

A. Create cards which show different stories

B. Add comments to different story’s cards

2. Story Selection!

A. Choose your top three stories you’d like to report on this semester.

B. In class, we will decide who gets which story.

3. Candid Photography!


2. Information Collection!

By Friday, March 10th, you need the following:

A. A series of at least 5 photos of your story/subject: minimum of 3 candids

B. Story Skeleton



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