Feb. 20-24, 2017 AUDIO CONT’D: “Career AUDIO Feature”

Career Choices Chapter 5: pp. 64 & 65



A. TRAIN in PREMIER! Learn the ropes of the software that will blend your audio tracks into a finished show…adobepermier

B. SUBMIT YOUR R3 to gCLASSROOM! Add the Google Doc to both Google Classroom and a Trello card.

C. Record your partner! Google Slides Help! Make sure to get all audio into the computer before the end of class! Suggested: copy it to your project folder as well as your Google Drive to keep it safe!

C. Make a Google Doc titled “Your Name – [interviewee’s name] Audio Interview”. Type a transcript for your interview and title that section “R1.” D. At the top of your document, add a few line spaces. Add a horizontal line. Label the top “R2.” Copy and paste the best sections of your interview (sentences, phrases, etc.) into the top R2 section. Do not copy everything.

E. Start finding appropriate music and SFX for your interview. Download them and save to your project folder with name and artist in the filename. Also, add the name, artist, and source into your R2 so you know where they come from.

      1. Jamendo.com
      2. Bensound.com
      3. Freemusicarchive.org
      4. Incompetech.com

Others listed at CreativeCommons.org

      1. Freesound.org
      2. Audiomicro.com
      3. FreeSFX.co.uk
      4. SoundBible.com
      5. PacDV
      6. FlashKitSFX

Also: BAD Interviewing Video


F. R3: Do step 10: Write your Voice Overs (Introduction, Transitions, Conclusion and Credits)

2. Continue TRELLO planning of Spring Storytelling




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