March 9-10, 2017 Self grading & Peer grading of “Career AUDIO Feature”

1. Career Choices Ch 6 Kick Off:

A. Dane Blanton & Vocab

B. Complete Career Interest Survey using ONet-online or other resources! Due in gClassroom Friday end of period. (20 pts)

2.  Spring Storytelling Projecttrello

A. Perspective Exercise: Me and My Siblings. What does this illustrate about sources, journalism, and perspective?

B. Gather PROBLEM Ideas–because Journalism gives voice and information to problems!

C. Assignment: Complete STORYTELLING PLANNER and submit to gClassroom by Monday.

D. Comment on 5 Trello cards for LOCALIZING, STICKINESS, INFOGRAPHIC, and MEDIA IDEAS of other cards.

March 6-7, 2017 Self  & Peer grading of “Career AUDIO Feature”

1. Career Choices Chapter 5 pp. 54-65


A. Create a Trello card on Spring Storytelling including…

  1. Last Name, First Name in your Period List
  2. Attach your Career Audio mp3 to your Trello Card

B. Use the 3-column handout to…

  1. Score your own Career Audio Feature (50 pts)
  2. Score 2 other assigned Audio Features using link in Trello. Teacher will assign your two. Explain in COMMENTS the best spots and make a few suggestions.
  3. Your 3-column sheet is due end of period Tuesday (10 pts)






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