What is causing teens to be more depressed each year?   By:Bath-shau Santander 

                It’s not usual for young people to experienced “the blues” or feel “down in the dumps”occasionally. It’s a stage in life for everyone and what goes on in everyday life,but It doesn’t have to be like that. If one can only change this by helping or talking to teens who might just need the help more than anything In the world. Depression can lead to self-harming yourself, suicidal thoughts, health addiction,ect. In Paso Robles High School there are people who have been through this kind of thing, just sometimes teens don’t know how to ask for help which I don’t blame them this kind of thing Isn’t easy to talk about.  As I presented a survey to my classmates that I asked one main question which Is have you ever been depressed once in your life?, If so how old were you, what is your gender, and what grade level are you In at the moment. At the end of the survey I realized that more than half of the students that I surveyed have said that they were once depressed during their life and others more than once even years. How can the school possibly help the students ask for help another then hanging poster on the wall asking “for help or you’re not alone”. There must be something else they can do as a school and a fellow student of the school they just have to do something that can help this from Increasing of course they just can’t expected the students to come up to them asking for help I wish It was that easy but sadly It’s not which leads to the students to stay silent about what they feel. As I looked through the comments of the survey to realise that the survey question that I was presenting to my classmates was turning back on me, now I was being asked the same question as I was asking them weird right. I was asking myself the same question as well and as a human I also have experienced being depressed once In my life, but I’m not the topic of this story, the topic should be helping the teens here in Paso Robles Robles High School. As I began to read each comment It kind of hurt what everyone was writing knowing that I can’t do anything to help them; well In some sort of way I can by writing this story to help those who are scared or who for those who just can’t ask for help. I hope In some sort of way this helps them. A 60% of teens girls at this schools surveyed that they have once or more times being depressed In their life, less than 40% of teens boys here at this school said they were. The number difference between the both Isn’t all that surprising to me, guy tent to keep their feels to themselves which is normal In a guy’s case and I guess you can say the same about a girl too but not really a girl tents to be more open about their feels rather then a  guy. We can do better, we just have to.


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